Welcome to the 3rd ICA annual conference


Call for papers


Authors are invited to submit abstracts to the 3rd ICA Annual Conference.
Abstracts should be submitted through abstract submission form, link here above.
The submission deadline has been extended to 12th of March. All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by referees, and submitting authors will receive notice of acceptance by 31st of March.


The abstract should confer to the following guidelines:
The abstract title should be in initial capital case and then lower case, not all capitals.
Abstract text should not exceed 400 words.

Type of session (please note that the Conference Programme Committee reserves the right to request changes in the type of session in order to achieve a balanced programme):

  • Stand-alone paper (20-30 minutes presentation, 10-15 minutes questions and answers)
  • Long panel (2 or more linked presentations)
  • Brief poster, update or awareness-raising bulletin (up to 10 minutes with 2 or 3 minutes for questions)
  • Workshop (2 to 3 hour long training session for up to 30 people)

Papers can be presented in English or French.

Programme theme:

  1. Information Security and Preservation
    1. information security/risk management
    2. standards and security measures for records and archives
    3. the threat of war, terror, natural catastrophes and climate change
    4. preserving authenticity of records, data and their systems
    5. security, theft and trafficking of archives
  2. Information and Civil Rights
    1. records and archives in the Open Government era
    2. the rights and duties of citizens and governments
    3. relationship between human rights and records management
    4. the rights of citizens and the rights of governments, the role of legislation, principles of access, processes in denying access
    5. technical guidance on managing archives with restrictions
    6. protection of personal data and misuse of sensitive data
  3. Information in Modern Society: Open Data and Partnership
    1. innovative use of data from outside the sector to show that archives collect and manage information to be used and not just stored
    2. complexity and uncertainty about accurate and efficient use
    3. the relationship between Digital Recordkeeping and Open Data, Big Data and metadata management for interoperability, particularly for Linked Open Data
    4. collaboration with the scientific community, software vendors etc.
    5. information management and advocacy
    6. digital recordkeeping for sustainable data management and reuse

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