Welcome to the 3rd ICA annual conference


Governance Meetings and Workshops schedule

Saturday September 26th

Meetings at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotel
Meeting rooms D, E, F, and G are located on the 2nd floor and Vox Home on the 1st floor.

Time Meeting name Room
09.30-12.30 Section Chairs Meeting Room F
09.30-12.30 Branch Chairs Meeting Room D
11.00-13.00 FIDA – Board of Trustees Room G
13.00-17.00 PCOM - Programme Commission Meeting Room D
14.00-16.00 AIAF (Association of Francophone Archivists) Board Room F
14.00-17.00 HRWG (Human Rights Working Group) Room G
16.30-18.30 DREG Meeting Room I
17.00-18.00 Africa Strategy Meeting Room F
17.00-18.00 Section Review Working Group Room D
17.30-19.30 SIP 16 - Meeting of drafting committee Room E

Sunday September 27th

Meetings at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotel
Meeting rooms A+B are located on the 1st floor

Time Meeting name Room
09.00-13.00 Meeting of the ICA EB (Executive Board) Room A+B
14.00-17.00 Meeting of FAN (Forum of National Archivists) Room A+B
16.30-17.30 Congress 2016 Room E
18.00-19.30 FAN Reception (by invitation)  

Sunday September 27th 

Meeting at Reykjavik Municipal Archives (Borgarskjalasafn), Tryggvagata 15, 101 Reykjavik

(click here to see street map)

Time Meeting name  
15.30-17.30 SMLT (Section for Municipal, Local and Territorial Archives ) Steering Committee  

 Sunday September 27th:

Governance Meetings and Workshops schedule (in the Ármúli School venue)

Time Meeting name Room
13.30-15.00 ACARM (Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers) officers M-305
15.00-17.30 ACARM (Association of Commonwealth Archivists and Records Managers) AGM M-305
16.00-17.30 AEG (Advocacy Expert Group) M-203
09.00-11.00 AIAF (Association of Francophone Archivists) General Assembly Auditorium
14.00-17.30 Archives Business Development group M-206
13.00-17.00 E-Ark Advisory Board M-304
13.30-17.30 ESARBICA (East and Southern Africa branch) Board M-204
09.00-17.30 HRWG  (Human Rights Working Group) working session M-201
13.30-17.30 New Professionals M-301
14.00-15.30 RMEG (Records Management Expert Group) M-205
15.30-17.00 SPA (Section of Professional Associations) General Assembly Auditorium
14.00-15.00 SPA (Section of Professional Organisations) Steering Committee M-203
15.00-17.00 SUV (Section for University Archives) Meeting M-303
Time Workshops number and title Room
09.00-12.30 Workshop 1: Assessment of information governance maturity M-203
09.00-12.30 Workshop 2: Practical Exercises in Archival Advocacy M-204
09.00-12.30 Workshop 3: Towards an ICA ‘Statement of Knowledge and Capabilities for Information Managers’ M-205
09.00-17.30 Workshop 5: Enabling Archival Functions with BitCurator and BitCurator Access M-202
09.00-12.30 Workshop 7: Security, Theft and Trafficking of Archives M-206
09.00-12.30 Workshop 8: ICA-Req Module 2: Managing Digital Records in Electronic Records Management Environments M-301
09.00-12.30 Workshop 9: La boîte ŕ outils  « L’archivage, clé d’une bonne gouvernance » M-302
09.00-12.30 Workshop 11: Good Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit M-303

Half day workshops: 09.00 – 12.30
Full day workshop: 09.00 – 17.30
Refreshments: 10.30 and 15.00 for workshop and meeting participants will be provided
Lunch: 12.30 for full day workshop and meeting participants will be provided

CP Reykjavik
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