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This September in Reykjavik at its 3rd Annual Conference, ICA is offering the best ever selection of workshops run by world experts in the field. The workshops cover a range of ICA standards and toolkits and provide an excellent opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and fit in some continuing professional development. The workshops, with details at http://www.ica2015.is/en/programme/workshop-options include:

1. Assessment of information governance maturity: learn about existing approaches to conduct maturity assessments and how to assess your organisation's information governance level. There will be some case studies and evidence of return on investment potential for assessment and standardization.

2. Practical Exercises in Archival Advocacy: an interactive session to stimulate development and implementation of advocacy activities by participants interested in increasing awareness of archives and in using expertise offered by the ICA Advocacy Expert Group.

3. Towards an ICA ‘Statement of Knowledge and Capabilities for Information Managers’: this workshop will provide an outline international approaches to the knowledge and capabilities of information managers and then participants will work together to develop a draft for an ICA ‘Statement of Knowledge and Capabilities’ for today’s information managers.

5. Enabling Archival Functions with BitCurator and BitCurator Access: Learn about BitCurator and BitCurator Access, software specifically for archivists and other collecting professionals that incorporates the functionality of many open source digital forensics tools and can be integrated into the ingest and collection management workflow.

6. Using the Digital Records Initiatives Module: Train-the-Trainer Session: This workshop would use UNESCO and ICA's Digital Records Initiatives module as a frame for a train-the-trainer session to encourage broad use of the modules to support archivists in any setting to engage with digital records.

7. Security, Theft and Trafficking of Archives: Enhance your knowledge of what kind of archival material is the most likely to be stolen, what we can do to prevent it, and what we can do to retrieve it once the damage is done. The focus will be in particular upon international cooperation and knowledge sharing.

8. ICA-Req Module 2: Managing Digital Records in Electronic Records Management Environments: An introduction to this influential ICA Standard, concentrating in particular on the second module for specifying requirements for electronic records management systems.

11. Good Governance Toolkit - Putting Records Management into the context of your organisation: Learn about governance frameworks and where records management fits, how to identify specific reasons why your organisation needs records management practices and how records management mitigates risk

Et en francais:

9. La boîte ŕ outils “bonne gouvernance” - présentation et mise en śuvre: cet atelier a comme bout la diffusion et utilisation élargies de la boîte ŕ outils.

10. Former les formateurs en matičre de records management/gestion des documents d’activité et d’archivage - état des lieux: Atelier d’échange autour des questions de formation des formateurs et de l’évolution des besoins des professionnels.




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