Welcome to the 3rd ICA annual conference


Workshop Options

Number/title Length of time No. Language Notes
1. Assessment of information governance maturity ˝ day 25 English  
2. Practical Exercises in Archival Advocacy ˝ day 25 English, with French, Catalan, Spanish and Polish  
3. Towards an ICA ‘Statement of Knowledge and Capabilities for Information Managers’ ˝ day N/A English Invitation only. Please email programme@ica.org to request invitation
5. Enabling Archival Functions with BitCurator and BitCurator Access Full day 25 English Each participant should come to the workshop with a laptop that has the BitCurator environment pre-installed.  The instructor can share details instructions to participants in advance.
7. Security, Theft and Trafficking of Archives ˝ day 25 English  
8. ICA-Req Module 2: Managing Digital Records in Electronic Records Management Environments ˝ day 25 English  
9. La boîte ŕ outils  « L’archivage, clé d’une bonne gouvernance » ˝ day 25 French  
11. Good Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit ˝ day 25 English  


Workshop Registration Conditions

Individuals may only register for 1 workshop. Places are limited to between 25 with a waiting list of 5 additional participants.

There is a small charge of 25 Euros for a half day workshop to cover administration costs and soft drink/tea/coffee. Full day workshops cost 45 Euros to include a light lunch.

All workshops start at 09.00, half day workshops finish at 12.00 or 12.30, full day workshops finish at 17.30.

Workshops take place in the Ármúli School, a 10 minute walk from the Hilton hotel.

Participants are requested to turn up promptly, respecting the facilitator and other students, and if they are unable to attend to let the DSG Programme (programme@ica.org) know as soon as possible. Failure to turn up without a good reason may result in refusal of registration for future ICA workshops.

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