Welcome to the 3rd ICA annual conference


Social Programme

Conference Reception

Monday 28th September.

19:00 – 22:00
Reception for all at Silfurberg in
Harpa Conference and Concert Hall.
Dinner, music and entertainment

Bus transfer from the conference venue
Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Hotel to Harpa
Conference and Concert Hall

Bus transfer back to Hilton
Reykjavik Nordica Hotel

A tour of the National Archives

Ţjóđskjalasafn Íslands,
Laugavegur 162

Sunday, September 27th at 12:30
Wednesday, September 30th at 10:00
Thursday, October 1st at 10:00
Friday, October 2nd at 10:00

Tickets can be picked up at the registration desk

The Culture House – Points of view

September 27th - October 3rd

Free admission for delegates with credentials to the exhibition
Points of View in the Culture House in Reykjavik center.
Opening hours: 10-17

The exhibition is a journey through the visual world of Iceland. In seven wings of the Culture House visitors will find as many points of view, linking different art works and interesting objects through both medium and time. Points of View is a collaborative project of Iceland´s leading museum and cultural institusions, all associated with the building´s history. The National Archives was located in the Culture House from

Visions of Women

September 27th – 30th

Free admission to the exhibition
in Reykjavik City Hall. Opening
hours: 12-18 / 8-19

Reykjavik Municipal Archives take
part in an exhibition of womens
achievements in the past century.
In 2015 it is widely celebrated
that women in Iceland got the
right to vote in 1915.

The Settlement  Exhibitions and the Sagas

September 27th – October 3rd

Free admission for delegates with
credentials to The Settlement
Exhibition Reykjavík 871±2 in Reykjavik
center. Opening hours: 10-17

A Viking Age hall is preserved at the
original location as the focal point
of an exhibition about life in Viking
Age Reykjavík. The exhibition aims to
provide insights into the environment
of the Reykjavík farm at the time of the
first settlers.

Written in the twelfth and thirteenth
centuries, the settlement sagas look
back to life in Iceland from the ninth
century. The Book of Settlement, The
book of Icelanders as well as examples
of the Sagas are on display at The
Settlement Exhibition.


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